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01. Consumer Strategy & Research

In an ever-evolving marketplace, insightful consumer strategy and research is more important than ever. We help our clients understand not only what makes their consumers tick, but also how that relates to their digital behavior and adoption patterns, providing true actionable insight.

  • Ethnographic studies
  • Qualitative & quantitative research
  • LexisNexis/Forrester Research
  • Digital footprint analysis
  • Persona Development
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02. Strategic Road Maps

A lot of times, strategic output can feel long on concept and short on action. Sure, we start with piles of ethnographic, competitive and technological research, but the real art comes in creating strategic road maps and guidelines for our clients that lead to informed and insightful next steps.

  • Trendspotting reports
  • User experience modeling
  • Social media best practice guides
  • Mobile landscape analysis
  • Tonality maps
  • Brand guidelines
  • Competitive landscape reports
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03. Digital Brand Management

Brand management in the digital space brings inherently unique challenges and opportunities, and understanding the landscape is crucial to successful brand stewardship. We provide coherent and innovative Digital brand management that drive results for our clients.

  • Proactive account management
  • Digital account planning (paid & earned media)
  • Social media planning & conversation curation
  • Infrastructure support
  • Technical advisement
  • Tracking, measuring & associated optimization
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04. Innovation Pioneering

Innovation drives opportunity. And these days, things change fast. Our intimate understanding of the technological landscape means our clients will never miss an opportunity to engage consumers in new and innovative ways.

  • Trendspotting, reporting & analysis
  • Proof of concept experimentation
  • Rapid prototyping
  • High-level engineering
  • Partner matchmaking
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05. Platforms and Infrastructure

Digital has the unique ability to leverage economies of scale to create effective communications platforms. Platforms that are flexible, scalable, and reusable allow content to travel faster and farther than ever before, maximizing return on investment. Digital marketing is a pervasive endeavor and a robust, customized infrastructure is a brand marketer’s best asset to meet this need.

  • Enterprise level solutions
  • Global content management infrastructure
  • Multiple language compatibility & support
  • Global extranet and intranet builds
  • Proprietary backend/CMS system development
  • Dashboard development
  • e-CRM creation and implementation
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06. SEO & SEM

Search, both paid and organic, is one of the chief drivers of traffic and awareness for any website. We’ll show you what works, what doesn’t and ensure that your brands get the exposure it deserves.

  • In-site SEO analysis & optimization
  • Deep linking
  • Analytics reporting
  • Keyword selection
  • Proactive keyword bid management
  • Site indexation reports
  • Content creation to increase visibility
  • SEM strategy
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07. Content Creation

We live to push the boundaries of digital brand communications, telling stories for the digital age.

Our award-winning creative and production teams create high quality video and interactive content, ensuring the best possible production value for our clients across all digital touchpoints.

  • Video content creation
  • Green-screen shots & post
  • 3D animation & VFX
  • Immersive Flash content
  • Portable content
  • Blog creation & management
  • Multi-screen/cross-platform development
  • Viral campaign ideation, activation & seeding
  • Widget, application & toolbar creation
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08. Social Media Marketing

The web is a place to build relationships, encourage participation, and create lasting connections with consumers. But beware! Social media has its own unique rules of engagement, and a sound and fluid social media strategy is dangerous to live without in the social space. We have an intimate understanding of the landscape including Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter, and leverage this insight to help you engage consumers, fans, subscribers, friends, and followers.

  • Social media audit & analysis
  • Application development & distribution
  • Engagement mapping
  • Implementation planning & strategy
  • Conversation curation
  • Social media best practice guides
  • Digital PR
  • Social platform creation & management
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09. Mobile

The inherent portable and social nature of mobile allow brands to deliver relevant utility to their consumers when and where they choose. As mobile adoption and penetration continue to grow, mobile brand engagement plays an increasingly important role in our clients’ overall marketing mix.

  • Mobile app/site dev
  • Landscape analysis & trends reporting
  • Strategic distribution planning
  • Mobile ad network integration
  • SMS campaign activation
  • Social media best practice guides
  • Location-aware services
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10. On-Going Maintenance

In an increasingly complex marketing and media landscape, we want to help make your world a little simpler. Whether it’s banner campaigns, eCRM, or infrastructure support, our detail-oriented, creative and technical production teams make sure all work gets done on time and on budget.

  • High-level technical and creative support
  • Flash & rich media banner campaigns
  • Direct marketing implementation
  • Functionality enhancements & optimizations
  • Copy/graphic updates
  • Globalization and localization
  • Marketing campaign creation and activation
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11. Production

All of our work is produced in-house. That allows us to ensure the highest possible production value, and keep our costs in check. Today, we find ourselves building the things on the list below, but ask us again tomorrow. Digital is always changing.

  • Brand portals
  • Campaign microsites
  • Mobile apps
  • Social media apps & strategy
  • Products & platform development
  • Rich media
  • Blogs
  • WordPress/Drupal development
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12. Digital AOR Services

The AOR relationship allows us to be a true partner, to become as immersed in your category and brand as your internal team. The digital world changes fast – a strong partner that understands this dynamic and your business will help you navigate through this landscape to ensure viable opportunities are never missed.

  • Mobile, web, CRM, and social infrastructure
  • Social media management and curation
  • Ongoing strategic planning and support
  • Content development and distribution
  • Vendor facilitation and relationship management
  • Analytics/KPI identification and management
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