Killston Designs, LLC. is a startup from a handful of people passionate about making media better.

We are focused on executing the basics beautifully. We honestly have a ball creating our projects and believe that it shows. Just like you, we have a passion for our business and anything less would just be wrong. Clients who have used our services and who have seen their ideas bursting into life are truly amazed by the level of detail we engage in our work.

We work from places all around the world.

Killston Designs first got started around August of 2005, and has since grown to include the fine people you see here.


Christian Valdez
Co-Founder/Lead Designer

Designing websites is his passion since he was a little crumb snatcher. Founded Killston Designs as a MySpace Custom Design company in 2005 with classmate Kevin Killoran. After attending Indiana Institute of Technology in Fort Wayne, IN. for a BS in Computer Science and Business Administration, Christian realized he had to start drinking the Kool-Aid, so he is fueled by passion for coding and designing. However, some people are beginning to question his seemingly unnatural attachment to his MacBook. Mix equal parts beautiful code writer, graphic artist, lover of healthy living, world traveler, music producer, and community giver and you’ll have the geek we know as Christian Valdez.


Kevin Killoran
Co-Founder/Code Expert

Kevin is smart, smooth and cooler than you. Plus he works on the backend of our projects. He also studied Computer Science at St. Charles College among many other intelligent things.


Wynton Stayton
Photography & Editor

Wynton Phillip Stayton, or Phil as he is affectionately called by his friends and family, graduated from Los Angeles Southwest College in May of 2002, with an Associates Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. He then transferred to California State University Dominguez Hills in the Spring of 2003 where he received a Bachelors Degree in Geology, with a minor in Geography, in May of 2005. He is currently a Graduate student at California State University Long Beach, majoring in Geography. In his spare time, Phil does photography with Bradford Entertainment Management Group, genealogy and family history research, and enjoys traveling. He is known for being caring, friendly, and generous, usually. He doesn’t like bullies, and he doesn’t like threats. If you cross him, he will unleash the purities of oblivion on you.


Marc Nalls
Graphic Design/Video Production

Hailing from Minneapolis, Marc loves good design and good usability, and strives for both. When he’s not wrangling design, he’s really into Music, ebooks and YouTube. He also does tagging once in a while, just for fun.


Kyle Troutman
Graphic Design

Kyle is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa with a strong passion for all things design. He loves to capture the attention of an audience through his work and strives to think outside the box when he is designing. His favorite part of being a designer is giving clients exactly what they want and more.


Jasmine Nimmo

I am doing what I love and it cannot get any better than that.


Jelani Brown
Graphic Design & Photography

Established on the premise that one picture can speak a thousand words, he aspire to communicate to millions, a message that inspires, empowers and engages through original artwork and photography.


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